growing grass
c'est le temps d l'amour
le temps des copain
et de l'aventure
quand le temps va et vient
on ne pense a rien malgre ses blessures
car le temps de l'amour
c'est longue et c'est court
ca dure toujours, on s'en souvient


Blind Eyes by Jennifer Kelly Hoskins


Favourite colour combination: red & pink


my skin was perfectly clear and now all of a sudden i skip one day by accident and its a mess my fuckin skin is more sensitive than drake


But why did I make that choice? That’s what I wonder about. Because I am me, is the answer. But that just postpones the question. Why am I me?
Chance, that’s why. Because of the cocktail of genetics and upbringing fixed for me by the blind barman Chance.
Ghostwritten, David Mitchell

Quentin Tarantino is interested in watching somebody’s ear getting cut off; David Lynch is interested in the ear.
— David Foster Wallace (via lolitablush)

(via lolitablush)



the fuckin socks came this makes me so happY

I want all of these